Jade Necklace

8:08 PM

This is kind of a lazy day nail for me.  I wanted to use my new China Glaze metallic crackle again, since the last time I tried it out it wasn't the best experience.  I'm glad I reserved judgement because this color is AMAZING.  This is the copper crackle and it's really the only one I was even excited about when I first saw the collection online.  I used it over a minty green color because it reminded me of a copper and jade ring I have that I LOVE :)  (pics eventually :P)  I took a close up for you guys (I'm experimenting with new camera tricks!) so you can see the glittery goodness of the crackle.  It has gold, yellow, orange, and copper flakes throughout it and it looks amazing on your nails!  I left these on for nearly a week and that's a record for me!!

Enjoy and thanks for following!! :)

Base is: Barry M Mint Green
Crackle: China Glaze Cracked Medallion
Top Coat: Seche Vite

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  1. Heyyyy I'm your new follower!

    Love the gold and mint! Looks like antiques!!

  2. Thanks for following!! I LOVE vintage things. The copper crackle feels really old to me too but in a pretty way! :)


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