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5:00 PM

Well, I have successfully wrapped up my Rehab Your Nails series for this month!  I hope some of the information was helpful for you and that you'll use it to keep your nails healthy and beautiful!  Now that I'm a licensed Nail Technician, I'm sure MUCH more info will be coming in the next few months!  But for now, I want to give you all the chance to win some supplies to help you get your nails into shape. This is sort of a mini-mani giveaway! It has most of the basic supplies you need for a manicure though. :)  The giveaway will run for two weeks and again, it's open internationally but I'm not responsible for lost/damaged items or items which do not pass customs.  So what will you get?

Winner receives one each of the following:
OPI 180/400 file
Cuticle pusher/v shaped nipper
Cuccio Naturals trial sized hand butter in Tuscan Citrus and Herb
Avoplex cuticle oil To Go (this stuff is amazing!)
Zoya mini in Pandora
Block buffer
Sally Hansen Double Duty Top Coat and Base Coat
Nail Brush

Good luck to all who enter!! Thanks for following along!
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