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So I'm just going to lay it out there for you guys. Nail school wrecked my nails. left hand is a hot mess from having so many procedures done on it and I'm experimenting at the moment with not polishing my other hand for two months to see if polishing really does make your nails less healthy (results will be blogged so stay tuned!). when my thumb nail--on which the ridiculously thin, damaged part has finally reached the free edge--split down the CENTER of my nail I gave up on polishing.  It's split down about halfway through my nail plate and because both sides of the nail are attached to my nail bed it's essentially a giant crack in my nail which HURTS like a mother.  I bet it takes two weeks to grow off the free edge.  Polishing is a no go til I find some resin to seal this sucker up because it goes straight into my nail bed. Ouchie. :( So here are some fun with magnetic's nails I did awhile back!!  I wanted to try to use the magnets in interesting ways and create art but without doing it as straightforwardly as the magnet patterns.  It looked super cool in person 'cause when you move your hands it kind of has a 3D effect.  :)  I hope you all enjoy!! There are still TWO more Rehab posts and then there will be an awesome giveaway filled with supplies for you to keep your nails feeling and looking their best!

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Colors Used: Nails Inc Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, and WhiteHall Teal. Lines drawn with Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black.

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  1. awwww Bee!!! Sorry sweets- but it's kindof funny you will have only one hand polished for two months?? hehehe

    1. I'm already a month in!! More than actually! It hasn't been polished since I graduated on April 4th! And funny enough it looks awesome while the other one is a mess (but in it's defense all the procedures were done on my left hand NOT the right!)

  2. Yikes!! I hope your thumb feels better soon. These nails are super cool! They remind me of giant, tropical leaves :)

  3. Ouch! that looks really painful. hope ur hand gets better soon.
    I can see the 3D effect in the pic, super cool!


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