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The Spring Challenge for today was inspired by Daffodil's.  I actually did several nail art designs for this but ultimately, I hated them all.  I'm not super into flowers on my nails and daffodil's are tricky to make look appealing anyway.  So I decided to look at it from a different perspective--the inside.  I was loosely inspired by this picture:

See how the orange stamen sort of creep up the yellow inside of the daffodil?  Pretty, no?  And as there are more floral challenges to come it kept me from having an entire month of flowery nails!!  I hope you all enjoy these, and thanks so much for following!! I noticed that I've now surpassed 200 followers and it's so exciting to me how many of you are following along with me.  I'm still not sure how I feel about giveaways, BUT something very special will be coming soon I promise!!

Base is: Zoya Pippa and orange is Models Own Tangerine Queen

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