Just because tulips have met....

9:04 PM

Today's Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge was tulips.  Again I have to apologize for the state of the picture because I keep forgetting to bring my camera to class and then on the one day I DID remember I somehow forgot the memory card.  Seventy hour weeks will do that to your brain!!  But I'm surprised how well I've been keeping up with the challenges despite my camera issues.  :)  I just managed to get the entire China Glaze Magnetix and Hunger Games collections and I'm thinking of swatching them for you guys soon.  My swatches aren't the greatest so I'd love feedback from you guys as to if it's something you'd be interested in seeing here. :)  I will be swatching some of them anyway though alongside some polishes I have which are similar to them.  I also am going through my collection slowly but surely and trying to shave my growing 600 + collection down into something more manageable.  So watch my blog sale page closely! :)  Anyway back to the nails.  I used Catrice Am I Blue or Am I Green for the base, OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? for the tulip and Zoya Pippa and Hard Candy The End for the stamen.  Enjoy and thanks for following along!!

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