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It's time for another week of Digital Dozen nail art and this week we're paying homage to our heros, be they people, brands, tools, or whatever else inspires us.  I'm starting with the best of the best here with the incomparable Ms. Debbie Crumpet.  I'm sure ALL of you are familiar with her being she heads up this wonderful group of ladies known as The Digital Dozen.  If you're at all in the nail world at all then chances are good you've met her in another group or looked at her witty and informative blog posts.  For those reasons, she's certainly a nail hero worth celebrating.  She's made it easier for all of us to challenge ourselves, be honest about our mistakes, and learn new things (like splodging!).  I'm also celebrating Debbie for other reasons.  I met her fairly early on in my nail blogging and along the way she's been an amazing friend, confidant, and source of never ending support for me. We've had some ups and downs together and ultimately, she's one of the strongest, most resilient and resourceful people I've met in my life. She puts so much heart into everything she does and it really shows. I've been incredibly blessed to have her along for my journey and I've learned so much from her.  There are literally hundreds (probably even thousands) of Crumpet designs to choose from for recreating today but I settled on this one, which incidentally was from one of my favorite Digital Dozen weeks; Vintage Week.

I have the colors Debbie used in her original design but I decided to use a slightly different variation for my recreation.  I think they came out fairly well!! Please click the picture to view her original blog and check out the other girls blogs below!!

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