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It's day two of Nail Heroes week with The Digital Dozen and today I'm celebrating the blog that started it all for me...The Daily Nail.  When I was younger, probably 12 or 13 my parents got me some nail polish and a stamping machine and I was IN. HEAVEN. I really wanted to go to Cosmo school but I didn't end up doing it and the stamper broke and as I got older and did more clubs and sports nail art fell by the wayside.  In late 2010 I stumbled upon this blog and *BOOM* like that I was hooked back in.  Melissa inspired me to revisit nail art, start up a blog, and find some stamps again!  I love her for her quirky designs, fun stories, and sense of humor. I decided to recreate her Guild the Lily nail art today. I used different colors and mine has more yellow where hers has more of a tan tone. I also didn't use a top coat because I quite liked the texture of it.

Please click on the picture to visit The Daily Nail and check out more of Melissa's beautiful and quirky designs!! And check out the other girls art below!!

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  1. This is such a neat look!! I really like it!

  2. This manicure is really interesting! I like your nail fashion! Nice colors, which are great together. As for me you made your nails look like some flowers, though it may be only my imagination)))


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