Failed it! Squirrelled away...

5:00 AM

It's time for another Failed It! mani. These were from a Digital Dozen week, I believe for autumn.  The idea was a little squirrel going up a tree with acorn accents.  The thing is, the squirrel looks like a nightmare and the wood pattern really seemed too busy against him too. I intended at one point to fill him in but that didn't seem like it was going to improve the situation much so ultimately, I scrapped the squirrel altogether and just did another nail with the little acorns. I think if I were gonna do this again I'd leave off the wood pattern and just paint a cute little squirrel face on the accent! The stamp is fairly creepy! What would you change about this failed mani?

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  1. The acorns are sooo cute! I agree the squirrel came out a little wonky, but I wouldn't call it a fail.


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