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Today's nail hero should be fairly familiar to everyone! It's Sam from the Nailasaurus!! Sam is another blogger I stumbled onto when I was first getting into nail art and she is totes amazeballs! Not only are her designs crazy polished and perfection, she literally NEVER misses a post.  Like, seriously, the amount of time she must spend blogging is ridic. So I applaud her diligence and her creativity because she's always coming up with fun, new designs.  Also I love that, much like myself, when she nails a new design, she does it in like 100 colors for like weeks on end. lol...I get the same way!  Anyway today I recreated her Short Circuit nail art.  She used China Glaze for her base and I didn't have that color so I'm using Zoya Harlow. Also she made sure her stamps were perfectly centered and while I love that, one thing I hate about stamping is how uniform things can end up looking and I like to mix it up. So I (sort of) centered the one on my accent nail and then placed the others a little offset.

Check out this design and more of Sam's amazing art by clicking on the picture! Also check out the other girls art below!!

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