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Some of you may be familiar with the company, Influenster.  If you aren't, it's essentially a site where you can review products for free and in doing so, earn more free products.  It's kind of a win/win although I haven't done much on there recently so it's been awhile since I earned a free box.  At any rate about two weeks ago I received a box of the new Revitalift collection from L'Oreal to try out and review.  I was actually really excited about this because if you followed me on my other blog then you know I have major issues finding a skin care routine that works for me.  After searching for YEARS for a routine that's easy, not hard to get ahold of AND works I finally found Ole Henricksen products (which are additionally vegan! Woo!) and I've been in love ever since. So I was excited to try out this routine which has a similar range of products and is quite a bit cheaper and a little easier to find in stores (Ole is only available through his site and Sephora).  With my standard skin care routine I use a micro essence (which you can actually see in the background), a day serum, a night serum, an eye cream, and a moisturizer (I also use Ole's skin cleanser but I feel that's a pretty standard part of anyone's routine). So it's five products a day and three steps in the AM, four steps in the PM.  I stopped using all my standard products (I switched over to an Origins face cleanser) so I could really compare the difference with these. 

Continued below...

Out the gate I can tell you I was a little confused by the way they want you to use them. There is a serum which you use twice a day, an eye cream which they also ask you to use twice a day, a moisturizer which you use twice a day and then a night cream which is your last step at night. I *think* they really want you to use the moisturizer in the day and the night cream at night but all the instructions read as though you should use both in the evening. For the first week I did that and on week two, I used only the night cream at night.  One other thing I noticed is that there is a very strong odor to these. My Ole products have a light, fresh, citrus scent but it doesn't linger. These have sort of a clean, laundry type scent which seems to stick around for awhile. They are also VERY thick.

 This is the L'Oreal serum on the left and the Ole Henricksen serum on the right. When I tilted my finger...

The OH runs down my finger while the L'Oreal sort of just sits there.

Here we have the OH moisturizer (which is unscented) on the left and the L'Oreal on the right.  This one was hard for me to show in a photograph but hopefully you can at least see how the L'Oreal can make a neat little pillow on my finger while the Ole Henricksen is a fraction of the height.  

It's been two weeks now and although I plan to do a solid four weeks I have to say I'm not in love with them at all. The thickness feels heavy on my face and the smell is just...a lot.  As far as results I've not seen anything life changing.  I did break out the first week but that seems to be pretty typical for switching to a brand new routine. Week two I had no breakouts but again, I don't think my skin seems any smoother, brighter, or younger than it did before I started. Overall I think when my four weeks is up I'll be going back to Ole Henricksen!  

Have you tried these? Did you see results? What's your favorite skin care regime?

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