Forty Great Nail Art Ideas: Three shades of purple

12:41 PM

Today I have another design from the New Crumpets Nail Tarts challenge.  The challenge today was to use three shades of purple.  Unfortunately, after I finished my design it occurred to me that this week we have a double prompt and I reluctantly went to see what I had missed.  My secondary prompt was mosaic so I decided to top off my original design with a funky mosaic-like stamp and actually, I quite love this one.  I'm not super into purples but I used some sort of pink-fuschia type purples which I feel look a little better with my skin tone.  Then I decided to ramp up the fun by recreating this design in one of my MOST favorite colors on my other hand.

So here's my right one....

...and my left!  This was so much fun to do! I may do something similar again in some different colors.  Which way do you prefer it?

 Check out the other girls art below!!

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