...every paper girl needs at least one string, right?

2:24 PM

This design was sort of a failed it manicure. It was originally intended for the week of New and Improved with the Digital Dozen but...this was a HOT.MESS.  It came out looking sort of like colored hot dogs and that's the lamest. So definitely not improved!! This technique...well I'm not even sure what it's called really. It's the one where you pull strings of polish across your nails to create a really cool textured look.  I failed it. Hard core. I tried a few different methods and watched some videos and I don't know if I'm not patient enough or I used the wrong polishes or what but it just never ever worked for me.  So I'll keep trying and hopefully pretty soon I'll have a really epic one!  For now...well...you can't always be good at things on the first try, right?

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