Forty Great Nail Art Ideas: Things that Fly

5:00 AM

It's the final day of New and Improved with The Digital Dozen! It's also time for another challenge with The New Crumpets Nail Tarts. As you can see from my title the challenge for that was Things that Fly. I have combined those two challenges, hopefully successfully! :P  For my new and improved I did a new to me technique which was alcohol and markers. I found that quite interesting. First...I love it because it's totally easy and it's 100% fool proof.  If it's too light you can just color on more ink. If it's too dark you can water it out more. You can smudge and smear and spread it for as long as you like and it almost always looks like a work of art. I also found it so odd because when I top coated it, ALL of the pink disappeared. So for a little while there I was like....OK now it's just a blue manicure.  But then it all came back so I have no idea what happened there but panic attack averted!  Then I did these little birds on top. I wanted them to be a little worn looking and not to cover the whole nail. Just to give the whole thing an overall distressed effect.  I think this was my favorite of the week!  Check out everyone else's art below! Thanks for joining us for another Digital Dozen week!!

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