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5:00 AM

Today I have a pretty simple design for you.  I was experimenting with making decals using my sheer polishes.  I actually really LOVE this decal but I felt it was too large to look nice on every nail.  Then I started looking for smaller designs that would compliment it and the more I looked the more I really loved the start contrast of the blank nails beside it.  It's sort of like having a really large canvas and just putting a nice, large design in on one part of it.  It really makes it stand out. I don't think art always has to be busy.  It can definitely be just simple and classic.  Plus there is something about plain white nails that I can't get enough of!! Anyway check out the other girls art below!

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  1. I agree, i think simple can sometimes be better. I love how the focus is on the one accent nail and the white being its contrast color really makes it pop!

  2. I like the one flower as an accent!

  3. Very classy! I think often that less is more and some of my most simple mani's have been those that are the most popular!

  4. That flower is really pretty! The pure white base was a great choice!


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