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Happy new year everyone! This year I'm trying to get re-inspired with my nail art.  I used to see things all the time -- patterns and albums and just all sorts of things -- and think; that would make awesome nail art!  I never got around to doing loads of them and others just seemed to be well above my talent level.  So this year I want to try to get back into using more abstract things as inspiration.  For the month of January, and possibly in the future I'm going to do some art based on what I'm listening to that week.  Or rather, I suppose it will be based on what I'm listening to the week before!  So this week has been a very Priscilla Ahn type week.  I love her music because it's relaxing and gentle and her voice is very soothing.  It's great for days when you need a pick me up or days when you're feeling introspective.  The album art I've featured here is from her self titled EP.  I picked it up many years ago at an Anna Nalick concert with Joshua Radin where she was a featured singer. I've been in love with her music ever since. 

I accidentally reversed the face part but I feel pretty good about it since I'm terrible at doing art with people!! I hope you all enjoy these! Please check out Priscilla if you haven't already! If you do let me know what you think! :)

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