Zoya Naturel Deux Collection Part Two

10:34 AM

Today I have the second half of the new Zoya Naturel Deux collection for you. These are the rose tones.  I'm not a huge fan of pinks or reds but I found these dusty rose colors quite flattering on me.  This one is Madeline, the lightest of the three.  Like the browns I found the formula on these really nice.  They're creamy and opaque and dry to a shiny finish.  I have top coated these for swatching purposes with Deborah Lippmann Addicted to Speed.

Here is a comparison of Madeline and Aubrey, the mid toned of the group.  There's a pretty large difference in color between these two but I found that Marnie, the deepest shade was much closer to Aubrey.  At any rate you can see that they're both still nice rosy mauve tones!

I think Aubrey was my favorite of these three. It's a nice warm shade and while it's deep it's not so dark as to be vampy.  It's perfect for fall!  Probably helps that my BFF is named Aubrey though! :p Here's a comparison of Aubrey and Marnie, the deepest shade in the collection...

I think this one is really necessary because it illustrates that Marnie isn't just a darker shade in the color spectrum, she really has a different tone as well.  Zoya describes her as a warm plum creme and she is definitely distinctly more purple than the previous two.  She's also dustier to me.

It's a very pretty shade but it just seemed less warm to me than the other two!  All in all I think these are a really solid fall collection.  The colors were all flattering and they have a nice warm tone to them.  Which one was your favorite?

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compesnated for my opinion**

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