Zoya Ignite Collection Part One

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I'm so excited today to be sharing these swatches of the new Zoya Ignite collection for Fall 2014.  I have loads of polishes and plenty of Zoya's but I can honestly say I think this is my favorite collection so far.  Every single shade I swatched made my jaw drop, EVEN the ones I thought I'd hate.  I felt the Entice collection, while filled with stunning colors as well, was less crazy beautiful but over all both collections are really solid.  These are must haves in my opinion.  I'm swatching the Ignite collection in two segements, so you can see some pictures of the finishes in various lights and both matte as well as standard. We'll start with Autumn, India and Teigan.

This is Autumn with a matte top coat.  Zoya describes Autumn as an orangey copper metallic and that really sums it up.  It's like a shiny, pretty new penny.  One thing I love about this collection is how it has the ability to change in different lights.  I found this to be especially true of Yuna, which I'm swatching for you tomorrow.  However, they all look sort of warmer and deeper in indoor lights while when you take them outdoors they really start to show why the collection is called Ignite.

Here's Autumn in the sun.  These are SO SUPER SHIMMERY.  It's like your nails are alight.  I felt overall these reminded me of gem stones because they're really shimmery and have a great depth to them.  Autumn was one I was worried about as I'm not big into oranges and in the bottle it looked weirdly metallic.  On the nail however, it turned out to be quite a beauty.

Next up we have India.  Zoya describes it as a deep red but I felt it leaned magenta.  It really reminded me of one of my favorite Zoyas, Blaze from the Ornate collection.  Of course India has no holographic glitter but she's deep and shimmery and lovely.  These give the appearance almost of a jelly with suspended glitter but they're very opaque.  It's a unique finish because that depth is there and they have that very glossy jelly type feel but you can almost get away with one coat on many of these.

Then there's the added bonus that when you matte them they make AMAZING suede's.  It's almost like they were meant for it.  Even though she's a deep red I felt India was very flattering and didn't come across too vampy on me. I've heard from some people that Teigan and India are very similar and despite the fact that in the bottle they look VERY close in shade....

There is most definitely no truth to this!  Teigan is a described by Zoya as a pink toned violet.  I found her to be a bright berry pink.  I think of these three she was my least favorite but again it's a gorgeous shade with LOADS of shimmer.  You can see a lot more here how jelly these look and Teigan for me was also much sheerer than the others in the collection. While all five of the remaining Ignite colors were mostly opaque in one coat (though I've swatched all with two coats), Teigan is still just a SMIDGE sheer even with two coats.

She looks less sheer after a matte top coat but if you look super close you can still just barely catch a glimpse of smile line on my index finger.  I did like this color as well but it's probably my least favorite of the whole Ignite collection.  Pinks just aren't really my thing!  Which of these three is your favorite? Do you prefer them matte or with a shiny finish?

*These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion*

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  1. Beautiful. Like the Zoya Teigan... think it looks very berry pink.

    1. Thank you! Teigan looks much darker in the bottle. She really shocked me!

  2. India is definitely my favorite! Stunning shade!

    1. I really loved India too! It's such a lush color!

  3. I like the shiny finish but I'm not a huge fan of this collection. Not much of a shimmery fan.


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