Zoya Ignite Collection Part Two

10:00 AM

Today I have part two of the Ignite collection by Zoya today.  Yesterday I showed you Autumn, India and Teigan and today we'll do Yuna, Remy and Sansa! We're going to start with Yuna, shown above in a standard, natural light.  One thing I found more prevalent with these three than the others, and especially with Yuna is that they have a color shift. I wore Yuna around for a few days to check wear time (excellent) and removal (not too bad and no staining!) and depending on where she was she looked deep green, blue or greyish.  Zoya describes her as a warm grey with copper and gold liquid metal. Just to prove my point in the below picture the lighting is exactly the same I've just shifted my angle slightly.

Where above she looks more of a light greyish blue now it's closer to a dark grey and the shimmer is a lot more noticeable. In indoor light (which I neglected to take a picture of! Sorry!!) she looks really deep and takes on a slight greenish tint.  While I may not know what color to call her I do know that she's totally gorgeous. One of my favorites in the collection for sure. 

Here she is with a matte top coat.  I'm a sucker for suede's and this collection is perfection if you like dual finishes.  All of these work wonderfully as suede's AND a lot of them have a little color shift so they really have dimension and depth.  I think Yuna looks much more blue grey when matted! It really reminds me of stone.  Next we'll look at Sansa...

Here she is in standard, natural light. Zoya calls Sansa a deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle and its a very fitting description.  I'm not big into purple tones but this one is really deep and warm which is nice because it didn't make me look pale or goth or anything like that. It was quite flattering.  You can't super tell that the shimmer here is gold but when you take it out in the sunshine...

...it REALLY lights up.  I wish I could capture the real effect of these because they're honestly one of the most shimmery, glossy, sparkly collections I have.  I like that they used gold and copper shimmer in these because they really do remind you of fire and your nails look so alive!  It's a noticeable effect!  You can also see a bit more here the depth and the jelly-ish effect.  They are all totally opaque though.

Last up let's look at Sansa matted.  I really love how perfectly these all take to a matte finish.  GREAT for anyone who loves a suede finish.

Finally we have Remy.  I thought Remy would be my favorite, and she is a beautiful color but there were a few I liked more!! Zoya describes her as a brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid metallic.  I can agree with this but again I felt there was a little shift to green in there.  It may be just the way the gold glints off the blue but it's definitely there.

You can see it a little better here, especially if you look at the bottle.  This one reminds me a bit of Zoya Charla although it's much  more sparkly.  I think these are meant to be metallic's but unless you're dead in the sun (like above) they really don't read as metallic.  They also don't have that streaky effect metallic's can have.

Here is Remy with the matte top coat.  So pretty!  Which of these is your favorite? Do you prefer them matte or shiny? 

**These polishes were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion**

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  1. Oh dear, all of these colors are so pretty, especially matte! I see a nail haul in my future ;)


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