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5:00 AM

In honor of the World Cup we had a little competition at work this week.  I was pretty disappointed to be on Team USA.  Not because I'm unpatriotic but just because we were all bringing food and making flags and it just felt a little lame to be stuck with my own country instead of having fun with other ones.  In any event on the last day we had a competition and I decided to be festive by wearing some red, white and blue polish.  What better a polish than this one, Suess!  I've worn this one before but it's been a really long time and it's never seen my blog so I wanted to share it with you all today! It's SUPER easy to apply and so pretty and squishy and sparkly on my nails.  It didn't help my team at all, we lost in round one since 99% of our team had not even arrived for the day yet (super fair, huh?) but it was a nice pick me up! ;)  Do you have Suess? What's your most patriotic polish?

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