Flashback Friday: Guilded Butterfly

5:00 AM

While perusing my phone apps the other day I came across an old gem in Time Hop.  For those of you unaware, Time Hop is an app which shows you what you had on various social media sites in intervals of one to five years previous.  Apparently on 6/18/11 I had posted some nail art to my Facebook page.  The art in question was this...

Yikes.  This was after I first got my stamping kit and back in the time of, "If it can't be stamped it can't be done".  I was so excited to have easy access to more intricate designs.  Though, stamping itself is a real art and I ended up going back to more flat art and less stamping before long.  At any rate this photo itself serves as a reminder that everyone starts somewhere and if you keep at it, you'll improve!!  I used Zoya Caitlin and Orly Luxe for this look.  I have since offloaded Caitlin AND the stamp and I also decided to go with a silver rather than gold stamping this time.  I used OPI Planks A lot in place of Caitlin. I don't know what's up with the internet but it decided to amp up the color on the photo (only when it's uploaded for some reason!)  It's much dustier but less blue than Caitlin.

Which version do you prefer?  Visit the original post here.

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  1. I seriously love that stamping with the colour you picked. so pretty!!


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