Distresed chrome...

7:45 PM

It's day four of Metal Week with The Digital Dozen. For today's look I wanted to do something a little more grungy.  I played around a little bit before I landed on this distressed chrome look.  I was kind of going for that thing that happens just before the chrome on a car starts to rust out. It just gets that blackened look and then you know nothing good is coming.  I thought about doing some rusted fading around the holes but I kind of liked it as is! I hope you're enjoying metal week! Don't forget to check out the other ladies looks below!!

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  1. If this is what you're working from, I think your car's had it! lol Awesome concept.

  2. Loving your take on rusty metal!

  3. Excellent results - did you do this by painting the full nail and then removing some with acetone? If not, *how*?? Because it's gorgeous! :)

  4. Awesome! How did you work?Pleaseeee ;)


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