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Today I decided to try out this quatrefoil design I've been eyeing for ages. It really isn't as difficult or as time consuming as I originally thought it would be, but that's not to say it doesn't requite some skill and patience! What you need to create the basic look is a double ended dotting tool and a small nail art brush.  If you don't have a double ended dotting tool, or two slightly different sized ones, you can use one and just use a lighter touch for the center dots, but it's a bit trickier.  I started out with the design shiny, as you can see below, and then I matted the whole thing.  I preferred it matter but I think with different colors a shiny look could be really nice.  I also do think the shiny top coat is necessary as a primer even if you do go matte. You need to use the top coat late enough that the design doesn't drag but early enough that it flattens everything out nicely.  Matte's just don't really work well for that purpose.  They also don't dry very quickly which is bad news if you're not patient enough to sit and wait for it to dry!!

I used a tutuorial by Christabell Nails on YouTube to create the design.  It needs a bit of work!  But overall I really liked the results! I used Zoya Purity and Orly Sapphire Silk for the colors. In her tutorial, Christabell Nails uses black and white and also gold and black.  You can also create an accent nail by reversing the colors on one!  I hope you enjoy the look! Have you ever tried quatrefoil nails?

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  1. Looks awesome! I still haven't tried this method yet.

  2. I tried this and it was definitely trickier than I had anticipated but once I got to my last finger while doing I started to get the hang of it. It's such a fun design I definitely want to try it again.

  3. Very nice. I thought this was stamped when I first saw it. I love the colors you used. This looks so fresh.

  4. I have never tried this design and honestly I wouldn't have the patience to paint this on! I think I'd opt for a stamp :) That said, super lovely design, and I especially love the combination of white with shades of blue.


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