China Glaze It's In The Stars

5:00 AM

While I was casually browsing at my local beauty supply store the other day, I came across the China Glaze It's In the Stars polish set.  The set comes with four polishes and a handful of little octagon shaped sponges.  It was on clearance for $7 and frankly, even on clearance it's hard to snag four polishes for that price so I went ahead and picked it up.  The colors included are Liquid Vinyl, Reggae To Riches, Fairy Dust, and Sexy in the City.  I recently sold my Fairy Dust and didn't have the other colors so I figured at worst it was four nice colors.  Then I decided I may as well try out the kit.  The premise is simple; polish your nails with the black creme, then use the sponges to add the colors and finish with the glitter.  The end result is pretty spectacular.  It really does look like a galaxy!  Albeit, it's not as intricate as some of the other galaxy manicures on the web BUT it's great for those of you who may not have as much time OR who haven't yet mastered the other technique.  One thing I do wish is that it had a reddish polish as well. I think I'll scrounge up one from my collection and add it next time.  Otherwise though, I'm really impressed.

You can still snag this kit for 7.50 at Ulta or! :)

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