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This is a combination nail art and comparison post.  It's probably difficult to see the comparison part right now but I feel like when I point it out it will be very obvious.  Anyway sometime back I got a pretty epic Zoya haul.  I'll be honest and say I had never really been very into Zoya  prior to April of this year.  For starters there were no retailers for it around me and I don't prefer to purchase my polishes online since it's really difficult to see what you're getting.  And then I did pick up a few when my Ulta started carrying them but they were kind of meh shades and they seemed to dislike my Seche Vite and chip more than other polishes on me.  Several people suggested I get a different top coat to use over them and recommended that I invest in Zoya's own brand of top coat since it works best with their polish but let's face it.  I'm not a salon.  I'm not interested in branding and with nearly 1,000 polishes I need a top coat that works with anything so I'm not investing in brands for brands.  So what changed my mind?  Discounts.  I ended up with quite a lot of them for pretty cheap and I thought since I wasn't wearing my polish very long it probably wouldn't matter so much if they chipped a day later since I'd be changing up the art anyway.  I also got a lot of wrapping practice working in a salon so I started to do a much better job polishing and wrapping my tips and the Zoya/Seche combination actually ended up working quite fabulously in the end.  So anyway, back to my story....I snagged a BUNCH of these things...

Yep. Yep.  This one was in the bunch. It's Skylar and she is a beauty.  Really reminds me a bit of butterLONDON's Victoriana which remains one of my most favorite polishes of all time for it's wonderful ability to be fabulous both shiny and matte.  Skylar is no exception.  After I had it on for a day I decided to dress it up and since I had just gotten a Klout perk in the mail, what better to use than my brand new Essie Penny Talk?  Then I added Seche but I didn't love the shiny look so I covered that with Essie Matte About You.  And now is where the comparison comes in.  I know you probably didn't really notice it and since we mostly do our nails all at once I may never have.  While I was making that infamous matte/shiny decision I matted one nail, intending to cover it with Seche if I disliked it and Seche'd another nail to cover with the matte.  Well ladies and gentlemen...check out my ring finger in this pic vs my other fingers.  Here's a close up if you need more evidence...

Yep.  If you haven't picked out the difference yet look for the shine on the middle finger.  On the fingers I added Seche to before I added the Essie there is just a hint more shine than on the ones I straight matted.  They're still all nicely matte but the metallic still has some sheen to it on the Seche ones.  Interesting, no?  I've only done that once so I'd love to hear it if any of you have had similar experiences!!! Thanks for following!!

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  1. *mind blown* I am so trying this out!!

  2. Wow, this combination is just gorgeous! :)

  3. Wow- that is an impressive Zoya stash! I love the stamping design- very pretty!

  4. I love to get a whole load of polishes in one big old shipment! It seems like such a lux gift when I do that (which now is rare). Like you I did not get going with Zoya for a time...then about 3 yrs ago I was in a major buy mode and put together an order. The way I get around not ending up with shades I don't think I will wear is by ordering their spoons - seems like $$$ but you get it all back on credit to your next orders. There is only 1 shope about 250 miles from me that carries a few scattered Zoyas. I think they tend to get the new collections in, but I am not there to see them come in - so always looks like a mix up of semi recent shades they have. One of my all time fav reds is from Zoya Summer 2011 Sunshine collection called Kimmy - a great foiled red/gold. It's stunning. I am pretty happy with the 3 holiday 2012 Zoyas I just got...I almost did not bite at 'em since I ordered the collection for holiday in 2010 and never wore them..esp the glitters - they were too long of bars and gave a really hairy look I thought. I need to pass them along. I am with you on love my SV top coat - and while I did get the Zoya Color Lock System once because if you bought it at $42 I think it was, you got 6 bottles of color (your choice) and I could not resist that offer. I don't like the Zoya base and top coat I do like the fast dry drops and love the remover. My base coat I use 100% of the time is Orly Nail's a ridge filler and I don't have ridges but I do like to use it - it give a neutralization to the color of my nails so my color coat goes on really true. Also using that I get zero staining...even with blues and reds that others will say stain horrible - never ever get it...I do put 2-3 coats of my base on. I never seem to have any problem with using SV on top of my Zoya colors.

  5. Stylish look :) really like this!

  6. * drops dead* combined effect of the number of polishes and what you have done:)


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