The bat's out of the cave...

7:00 AM

So here we are at day two of the Digit-al Dozen Halloween week challenge!!  I don't know why, maybe it's the new chill in the weather but I was super into the grey/black thing for the first few days of this challenge!! Here again we have a sort of monotone manicure. I really love greys and I hardly use them it seems like so Halloween is a great time to drag them out! But don't worry, I got more lively as it went on!!  So here is an interpretation of bats in a cave.  Obviously I could have used a different color for the inside of the cave but I thought yellow would be  too much and if I had used black for the inside and grey for the out I couldn't  figure how to get the bats on! I still really liked it though and I think the effect  is there!  I did a standard ruffian mani using Zoya Kristen and Wet & Wild Black Out to start this and then I used more of the black to add the bats in with a stamp. Easy peasy.  I love it when mani's look more complex than they are!! Also I free handed the ruffian but if you can't get it just right there are tons of tutorials on how to use various stickers, forms, and even office supplies to get it just  right!  Don't forget to check out how my fellow Halloweeners are doing!!

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  1. Great mani! I love the little cave detail with the Ruffian :)

  2. nice blog.follow you

  3. This is so cute! I love the varying shades of grey and black.

  4. very subtle. Ruffian - something else i can't master!


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