The New Black

3:25 PM

Awhile back I was perusing the web for some nail inspiration and I came across a nail art design that The New Black had posted to be used with some of their new polish packs.  The premise is two nail colors and a nail art striper and they gave a series of designs for each combo.  This one is meant to be done with a pink/blue/black combo and since I have plenty of those things I decided to give it a go!  I used all Models Own colors for the design and it really didn't take me very long.  One thing I had to trial and error was the blue stripe.  At first I was polishing the whole nail blue and then going over it with the pink but then I decided that I liked it better when I did the pink as the base and just swiped blue across the bottom.  Obviously it's a bit trickier to keep a nice nail line around the cuticle BUT it keeps the whole thing from getting too thick!!  I used Utopia, Bloo Bloo and my trusty Nail Art Pen to create the look! Thanks for following!! Anyone have The New Black set used to create this?

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