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Is there anything better than nail mail?  I would normally disclose this subtly at the end of my post BUT I want to draw your attention to a wonderful website and seller.  The website is called Overall Beauty and they sell all kinds of great polishes, like the Ozotic I'm going to show you today.  I was given this polish to give an honest review on and when I opened the package I expected the one polish and perhaps a business card.  I found an extra polish, a few nail wheels, a business card AND a handwritten personal card. I literally was blown away.  It's such a sweet surprise.  And now onto the gloriousness of this Ozotic.

I flaked on a bottle shot. I suck, I know. I meant to go back and take one but I already have a TON of pics of this bad boy so here is a lovely stock photo.  This is Ozotic 901, Sugar.  These new Ozotics....well really MOST Ozotics in my opinion, are NOT meant to be worn on their own.  They have a really amazing ability to change before your eyes over other colors.  However, just to be thorough I went ahead and put two coats on my nail so you can see the pretty crystals.

As you can see it gives your nails a nice pink, shimmery effect but it's nothing exciting.  If you click the picture to blow it up you'll really be able to see the glass flecks in this and even though it's pretty tame looking right now it's absolutely STUNNING the way these shimmer.  The color feels very princess like when it's on it's own.  Now let me take you over to the dark side...muahahahaha....

Quite the transformation, no?  It's still has a pink effect although I think it leans almost purple over black.  This is ONE coat over Zoya Raven.  Because there are SO many gorgeous angles to this polish I have a few more pics for you to drool over...

and some close-ups...

There is a pretty strong duochrome effect on this polish. It leans mostly gold but you can catch flecks of blue through it as well.  Now for some extra fun because black is definitely not your only color option for these polishes!!

Here we have one coat of Sugar over Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Models Own Moody Grey, and Zoya Purity.  It's still giving off the pink/gold duochrome effect on the grey although it's less obvious than on the black.  The pink is nice but it looks more like a pink and purple shimmer which is a bit sickly girly to me!  And then we have the white.  It sort of looks pearly over the white.  It has a shimmery effect but just a hint of pink.  Here are some closer looks at these colors:


You can see in the close-up of the white that there are still colors in the polish.  There's a hint of purple and pink and a VERY slight tinge of the gold.  It's a very pretty effect but it's not super obvious.

Over the pink the blue flecks dissapear.  There is a gold tinge around the edge but mostly you have a pink glass fleck effect. Very pretty but again, pretty tame.

And finally, the grey.  This picture is a little fuzzy which I apologize for. Seems like the grey just didn't want to photograph well!  I actually really love the effect over the grey. The blue is back, the duo chrome is there and it's VERY noticeable.  The main difference between the grey and the black is the shade of the main effect here. On the black the effect is very deep pink. Almost purple or magenta.  Here it's more of a true pink although it still leans a bit purple.  Gorgeous.  

The formula on these is pretty standard for Ozotic. They're not super thick but they're not runny either. One coat is all you need for the effect to show but you can totally layer up if you want to!  They dry relatively quickly and they do dry shiny.  They are smooth to the touch as well but that's to be expected of a glass fleck. To me Ozotics are a GREAT investment for your collection because they are so versatile.  You only need one coat of them and they change your polishes into crazy gorgeous new colors!  Thanks for following along! Do you have any Ozotics?

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  1. WOW! This is soooo pretty, I even love the way it looks with no undies! I don't own any Ozotics polishes, but that will change! :)

  2. Replies
    1. I almost went back and took more. But I restrained myself!


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