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Under Pressure may have bit a hit song in 1981 but your nails will thank you for abstaining!  Try this: grab your file and put it flat on the back of your hand. Now use your index finger to press down at the center of it, using the pressure you'd normally use to file and drag it across your skin.  Feel that?  Your nails do too.  Excessive or aggressive filing, or even using the wrong grit of file can really damage your free edge and lead to breaks, peels, and more!  Now try the experiment again, but this time don't use your index finger. Just glide the file lightly across your hand using no pressure.  Not too bad, huh?  That's all the pressure you need to file your nails.  Start with a 600 or 400 grit file...that's right everyone, A BUFFER.  Drag it GENTLY using minimal pressure across your free edge.  If you're getting the results you need then you don't have to graduate the grit.  If it's not changing the shape then you can use a higher grit but NEVER use additional pressure.  You'll save your nails a lot of wear and tear this way!!

Pro tip: Always use a grit of 180 or above on a natural nail and never use a file to change the length of a nail!  Use your clippers and THEN file only to shape.

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  1. Great tip, Bee! I'm gonna pay more attention to the pressure I apply when filing my nails. Thanks for the info!

  2. Just found your blog via Sassy Lacquer and I already learned invaluable information! You have a new follower here!

  3. Nail biter for over 20 years and FINALLY stopped biting..its been 9 weeks now..my nails are more beautiful every week.

    I'm glad to have found your blog..I've learned so much great information from you already. Thank YOU! Need to remind myself to be gentle with my nails I am pretty rough on the filing and buffing.

    1. Aw! I love to hear this!! I'm so glad you've stopped biting! :)


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