It does not do to dwell on the past and forget to live...

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...but today we're going to dwell just a BIT.  Here's the round up for my Harry Potter series.  I had so much fun doing this one.  Harry Potter is something that's very dear to my heart. :)  I wanted to do this round up like the one for the LOST series by showing you all my favorite mani from the other girls, but unfortunately there aren't seven to choose from! :(  So instead I'm going to show you my favorite mani's from Debbie and Kerrie. :) Then, just for fun I'll show you which one was my personal favorite of my own! :P  Here we go...

From Kerrie...

These were for The Half Blood Prince.  I really loved that Kerrie chose to do a newspaper mani! This is something I've been wanting to try for a long time but haven't gotten around to. I know Kerrie's intention was to display the potions book Harry got which had once belonged to Professor Snape, but I loved too that it really summed up my thoughts on the book: A LOT OF WORDS. Lol...

And from the lovely Debbie...

OK I really tried but I could NOT choose just one of Debbie's mani's!  So I'm showing you two!  First we have her Sorcerer's Stone nails. She really started this challenge with a bang!

 I can't get over how PERFECT her 9 3/4 nail is.  And the middle...I know it doesn't REALLY look like what it's meant to (the wall leading into Diagon Alley) but it just looks SO interesting.  I love, love, love these.  Then I also really loved her nails for the Prisoner of Azkaban, which is fitting since it's my favorite book!

I love needle marbling anyway and Debbie ROCKED. THIS. OUT.  You get dementors from it right away but it also just looks darn cool.  (You can also check out Baby Crumpet's version!) I like the black on blue and the way they sort of 'float' through her nails.  Very cool!

What was my favorite of my mani's?  

The Marauder's Map!!  These came out so much better than I had planned them.  And let's face it, I seriously WANT this map.  I could do so many things with it!  

Well that's the round up!!  I have another rehab post planned for very soon but I'm stating my job as a nail tech this week so things may get hectic!! I can't wait to share with you all the tips and tricks I learn in the field!  Thanks for following!

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  1. Nice series! I've seen so many harry potter manis but these are truly unique!! :)


    Your Marauder's Map nails are FLAWLESS.

  3. love you Bee, and I love doing these series with you, not just because your nails are so awesome they make me jealous, but because of the detailed geekery you put into the writing. Love you and love these nails xxx

  4. Loved the series! Really loved the books. I so want the Marauders Map too. Good luck with your job :)

  5. you are so talented! I loved almost all the nails!


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