It's Real...Gelish much?

10:22 PM

So since I've had to remove my polish pretty much every other day since I started work I'm experimenting with Gelish here and there. You'll probably see a few Gelish mani's coming up since I'm learning how to do it and practicing doing it at work.  A few things I learned about wearing gel polish:. One: it feels thicker than regular polish. Remember the first time you wore lipstick?  The way it made your lips feel a bit...suffocated?  Not unbearably so but just enough that it was a bit irritating?  Well gel polish is kind of the same way.  Your nails feel a little bit more stifled than with regular polish, but you get used to it very quickly.  Two:  they make your nails stronger but also dry them out more.  My hands are in water ALL day long and I really think that if I had gone polish free they'd have broken by now just from being weak all day.  The gel polish really helped to beef them up and keep them strong while I'm working.  That said you're meant to oil them everyday which I forgot to do and so when I removed the polish my nails were extra dry. :(  Three: they're wicked shiny.  Honestly. People get addicted to the shine and I have to admit I kind of have too.  They're MUCH shinier than any top coat I've used.  These lasted about six days and would have probably lasted longer but my thumbs are in acetone all day and I accidentally filed off my top coat so the tips got a little eaten.  The lack of shine there annoyed me though so off they came!!  I really loved this color because it made my nails look so healthy and it was natural enough that I could polish over it when I felt like.  I have an accent nail here of Sephora by OPI in It's Real.  It's a clear jelly base with flecks of real 18K gold in it.  It's really pretty and subtle but it doesn't shine like normal glitters.  It's a bit more of a shine than a shimmer!  I hope you enjoy!!  Have you ever tried gel polish?

Colors used:
Gelish in Sweet Dreams
OPI for Sephora It's Real

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  1. I want to try it so badly! you can always spot a gelish manicure, i want that SHINE! :D

  2. Looks great! I will have to try this - how hard was removal? I heard it can be a pain.

    1. It wasn't bad. If you use the foil method for glitter removal then it's the same! Takes around 15 minutes start to finish!


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