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So it's day two of Fashion Week with the Digit-al Dozen and today I have a design based on another of my favorite designers for you. This design is based on a Stella McCartney gown from 2012. She frequently uses sheer cutouts in her designs which can easily become sort of racy but she manages to keep them very classy and fun.  I love Stella's designs because they're bold and cutting edge but also tend to be mostly monochrome and usually black or black and white. I also love her as a person because she's so environmentally concious and animal friendly! Here's the dress I based these nails off of:

Don't forget to check out what my fellow fashionista's came up with for today's mani!!

Colors Used:
Zoya Raven

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  1. I did this exact same dress for my fashion-inspired challenge a few months back!

  2. I love Stella McCartney and love this mani x

  3. Love! So dramatic and elegant!

  4. I love this - both the dress and your mani :D

  5. I've gone for Stella today but a much more casual version. I love what you've done with the mani!

  6. I think this is like the fifth manicure I've seen based on THIS DRESS over the years! Seriously! Why are we all so inspired by this single dress? *grin* I did one back in May of 2012 (http://iroshishobby.blogspot.com/2012/05/week-20-bows.html) though looking at it now I can't figure out *why* on earth I put a bow on the accent nail. Ah, well. ^_^ Yours is gorgeous! :)


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