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Awhile back I found six or seven of the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection on clearance at Ulta for next to nothing.  The colors were nice and I already had a few of them at home so I went ahead and bought them.  But then I got into this mindset that since I already had all of them but three, I might as well hunt down those three so that I could complete the collection.  I mean, you're almost there, right?  This one was the last addition to my collection.  It's called Classic Camel, and honestly, I'm totally disappointed with it.  I so loved it in the bottle and in the swatches I saw on other people.  But on my nails, it just looks hideous.  I'm sure it has something to do with my skin tone but it's also just a really strange color once it leaves the bottle.  All the glorious gold, shimmery goodness of it disappears and it turns into this weird spicy mustard shade.  NOT my favorite of the collection, that's for sure.  After I got it on my nails it seemed a shame to take it all off and start over so I tried to save it with some Nubar flakies!  I really hated the whole thing though. I wasn't even motivated to put any art over it because I knew it wouldn't last 24 hours. Does that ever happen to any of you?

Base color is China Glaze Classic Camel.  Topped that with two coats of Nubar 2010 and then two coats of Seche Vite. 

Thanks for following!! Enjoy!

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