Royal Purple

7:14 PM

So I finally got my Royal Wedding polish awhile back and I have to say, I was pretty disappointed.  Online it's described as a greige lavender glitter.  In reality it's just kind of a flat purple.  It takes about four coats to get it to a wearable opacity on it's own and I wasn't loving the results so I put it in my drawer for awhile and kind of forgot about it.  Then a few weeks ago I was perusing the butterLONDON display at my local Ulta and spotted a color I hadn't seen before: ScoundrelScoundrel is a medium plum-y pink purple.  I bought it right away and couldn't wait to "marry" it up with my No More Waity, Katie.  And guess what....I actually LOVE the results.  The color is slightly altered by the griege base of the No More Waity, Katie, but not anything serious and the little purple glitter flecks really lit up the base color.  I decided to do something simple on top so I did a stamp with pearls and diamonds!  Enjoy!

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