Lazy Daisies

9:15 PM

Daisys!  I'm still totally in love with this color and I wanted to use it again but I hated to leave my nails completely free of some kind of art!! So I finally broke out the nail art pens I snagged at my local dollar store and did some easy flowers.  These literally took 10 minutes from start to finish INCLUDING dry time.  And the base color, Victoriana is just as beautiful shiny as matte!

Base color is butterLONDON Victoriana.  Freehanded flowers using LA Art Pens in White, Orange and Green Glitter.

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  1. this is really cute :) i love the daisys!

    shel xx

    ps - your layout is lovely :D

  2. Thanks! And thanks for the compliment on my layout, my sister designed it for me!

  3. I love the subtle daisey design you created :)


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