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10:57 AM

Pink Wednesday is here again!! These nails were kind lazy nails and they were really more an excuse to use my new Barry M color than anything else!!  They actually came out rather nice and I was pleasantly surprised with the Barry M formula.  These could have been one coaters but I did two since I like to have my nails super opaque.  The color was bright and shiny and the finish smooth.  If I lived in Europe I'd certainly invest in more of them, but alas I do not so I'll have to hope some of my UK friends are feeling generous enough to send me more at some point!!

Base color is: Barry M in Shocking Pink.  Zebra print and Cheetah Stripe on ring finger are: Nicole by OPI in Give Me the First Dance. I used konad stamp m57 for both.  Enjoy and Thanks for following!

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