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I'm in the process today of making a swatch book. I still can't decide how I want the polish swatched. I tried lines down the page, blobs across it...sigh. I'm too picky. But I added some of my art work to the pages for inspiration. I figure I can take it around easier when I do nail art for other people. What are you all up to today? Do you have swatch books? Any tips for me?

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  1. I dont have a swatchbook..
    It's bedtime here for me but I've done some schoolwork and designs.
    A swatchbook seems such a Great idea!

  2. This is such a fun idea! I hope you show us the results!

  3. I love the idea of doing this but i wish i had the patience to keep one updated!

  4. I keep a swatch book so I'm less likely to buy dups & near dups. I made a 4x5" notebook with 5x8" note cards cut in half on a platic coated wire spiral binding. I put a 2 coat swatch of each polish, the brand & name of the polish & the id number on each line. I group most of my polish by color with separate pages for chromes, foils, nail art, magnetic, chunky glitters, glow in the dark & mood polishes. I list them from dark to light, but as I add new polishes they are out of order. I also occasionally purge one that is too close to something I like better. I use white out tape to cover up the purged polishes & put new ones over the top. If a page gets too messy I take the book apart & make a new page. I also add new polishes before I put them away the first time. It helps cuz polishes don't always look the same swatched as they do in the bottle.

    I started a separate notebook for ideas divided into dots, tape, stamping & freehand.

    1. That's creative! Sorting is my downfall!!


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