Zoya Seashells Summer 2016 Collection

11:51 AM

Today I have the other half of the new Zoya summer 2016 collection for you! These are the Zoya Seashell collection. They are all new pixie finish polishes and they're all GORGEOUS! I've swatched all of these with two coats in natural light. They're much sparklier than my camera shows but  you can always check out my Instagram @Bee_Polished for some videos of them in their sparkly glory! You can also check it for two swatches of Zoya's new LIPSTICK collection. :) These were provided to me for my honest review. Here we go!!

Bay can be best described as a sky blue, textured PixieDust with fine silver and gold glitter creating a dreamy effect.

Levi can be best described as a beige gold, textured PixieDust with medium holographic hex glitter. This shade was designed to update a classic neutral pixie with a little more glam!

Linds can be best described as a cherry red, textured PixieDust with red and fuchsia glitter to mimic the look of maraschino cherries dipped in sugar!

Tilly can be best described as a starry grey, textured PixieDust with a small holographic glitter interwoven with a darker gunmetal. Perfect for hot nights out on the town!

Zooey can be best described as a classic pink, textured PixieDust laced with a fine thread of gold and medium sized holographic hexes for an added layer of dimension.

Cece can be best described as a full impact green, textured PixieDust with a thin vein of gold creating a fizzy lemon-lime effect.

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