Zoya Sunsets Collection Summer 2016

5:36 PM

Today I have some new Zoya's for you to see!  These were provided to me for my honest review. This summer's new collection is a two part, as per usual but what's different about this one is that one half of the collection, Seashells, is new PIXIES(!) and the other half, Sunsets, is ONE COAT polishes. So lots to be excited about this year!  Today I have the Sunsets collection and later in the week I'll have the Seashell's collection for you to see.  One thing about these one coat polishes is that they ARE one coat BUT...you do need to use a medium coat to get the one coat coverage. You can also use two thin coats as you normally would. These are all swatched in natural light with no top coat as per usual. Here we go!

First up is Brynn. Described as a popsicle pink she's a bright, fun color perfect for summer!

Next we have Cam. She's a deep, fully saturated orange. Again this one is a nice, bright, summery shade.

This stunner is Dixie and while I usually am not a fan of reds and pinks I have to say I am in LOVE with this juicy watermelon red. This color is sooo super flattering!

This is Dory and much like the fish she's a vibrant cornflower blue.  This one is super bright and fun!

Then we have Liv.  She's a fun-filled purple with a slight magenta lean.  I thought this one was also really flattering. 

Last but certainly not least we have Ness, a softened jade green with a hint of blue.  This one was one of my favorites but it's no secret that I love a good green!  Which one is your favorite?  Pick these up by visiting Zoya.com! :)

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