The Digital Dozen DOES....Rainbow!

5:30 AM

Well it's that time again! It's time for another week of Digital Dozen art. :) This week we're doing rainbow for our theme.  It's also Spring/Summer time again and since I moved into my house just last fall I'm now in that awkward place where I'm trying to find the best lighting options in my home.  So you'll have to unfortunately bear with me a little bit while I grow into my new place. :)  Anyway I used all of the same colors for this weeks challenge and just mixed up my designs a bit to keep things interesting. The colors I chose to use are all by Zoya and they are: Hannah, Dory, Ness, Cam, Liv, Pippa, and Purity.  For today's design I made things a little fun by adding some glitter polish to the top.  The only thing I really didn't love about these nails was that the colors didn't blend quite as much as I wanted them to. It seemed to go best on my middle finger. Still they were bright and sparkly so I can't complain! :) Check out the other girls art below!

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