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Today I have a  new brand of polish to show you! The brand is called Bootie Babe and they are a San Fransisco based company who offers fun colors in these little bootie shaped bottles. To be honest,  I prefer my polish bottles to be a bit more functional since these don't really store well with my others, but it's always nice to mix things up.  Their colors are also cruelty AND three free so that's nice to see as well. They sent me two colors from their upcoming collection to swatch.  I want to alert you all to an allegation that was made about their polish, before I show you the colors.  A blogger called Charity Nails It, had a very bad reaction to the polish and she posted about it on her social media sites.  This blogger previously had used Mentality polish and was unfortunately one of the people who suffered from nail lifting, discoloration, and other awful effects.  It is believed at this time that her reaction to this polish was a result of an allergy to an ingredient in the original, unaltered base of the Nubar polish and that there is NO heath risk in using them.  As with any polish or other product you put onto your nails or skin, if you feel any discomfort you should remove it immediately and cease use.  Bootie Babe immediately pulled the two colors this blogger had a reaction to and is having them tested for safety.  You can read their response here:

There have been no other reports of any issues with the polishes and I myself did not have any reaction to using them. :)  Onward to the swatches!!

This one is called Freaky Cheeky. It's a bright pink neon finish.  I used two coats here and it went on smoothly and dried to a typical, semi-matte neon finish.  The brushes on these polishes are on the thick side, like OPI, which is nice for coverage and the polish seems to be quite a bit thicker than other polishes I've used.  It's not so thick as to be a hindrance to polishing but it is noticeable.  It actually might be a nice thing for anyone who has issues with clean up because it makes it easier to control where the polish is going.  

The second color I got was called Fanny Pack.  It's a magenta/purple glitter in a clear jelly base.  Same as the other it's on the thicker side but again, it wasn't difficult to apply.  I swatched it here over Zoya Liv. Overall I quite liked these polishes.  The bottles aren't my favorite but I think the thick brush and heavier consistency make them really fool proof to apply and they had great coverage.  You can check out their collection by visiting! :)

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