Zoya Fall 2015 Flair Collection

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Today I have half of the Zoya Fall 2015 collection for you! This is the Flair collection, six gorgeous metallic shades for Fall.  I really didn't have any issues with these metallic as far as formula and application. I found Cinnamon to be a tad on the thick side but otherwise they were really a dream.  So let's get on to looking!! Above we have Aggie.  Zoya describes her as a holo but she's most decidedly a duochrome. It's a bronze/gold tone which leans green in certain lights.  I found the shift to be much more obvious in the bottle than on the nail but there is still a really pretty change in tone as you move your nails.

 Here we have Estelle.  She's a bright yet deep blue.  This one is REALLY a stunner on your nails!

 Just look how she sparkles in the sun!

This one is Cinnamon, a deep brown/bronze shade.  Cinnamon was a bit thicker than the others for me but this is still two easy coats. This one is a favorite of mine!

Then we come to Giada.  Purely because I'm not a huge fan of purples, Giada wasn't my favorite but she's a deep, rich purple with loads of shimmer. No staining on this one either which is always a win!

Ember was another meh color for me. Reds just aren't my thing. It's a nice, flattering shade though!

Finally we have Tris.  I couldn't help but be excited about this one having recently watched Insurgent (books are WAY better btw).  She's a steely, shimmery nickel tone. I love that this one isn't just a flat grey tone.  It leans a touch brown or khaki even but it's still very much grey.

Here is Tris in full sun! Her true grey tone comes out more here!!  Which one is your favorite?
**These colors were provided to me for my honest review. I have not been compensated for my opinion.**

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