Bread Course

5:00 AM

It's the final day of food week with The Digital Dozen!! Today we wanted to do something a little different for you guys so...

Welcome to the Digital Dozen Diner! 
Please look through our menu and check out what our chef's have in store for you today! 

As you can see, you've reached the little "pre-dinner" snack here with some delicious bread.  I'm not a huge bread eater to be honest. On a regular basis I probably eat little to no bread.  However, what's better than when you're waiting for your dinner and they bring you a fancy little basket of steaming hot, crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside bread.  I love to dip mine in some seasoned olive oil or spread a nice pat of fresh butter on there....mmmm...

So here are my bread and butter nails!! I did most of them to represent a fresh baked loaf and then just one open piece with drippy, hot butter!!
I hope you enjoyed your treat and remember to tip your waitress!! Don't forget to follow the InLinkz below to head into the dinner and dessert courses, or why not swing back round and hit up breakfast or lunch?

Please Come Again,

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