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For quite some time now I've been keeping my eyes peeled for the OPI Color Paints collection.  I love the idea of a sheer but highly pigmented polish that can be used for blending and layering.  It seems like everywhere I went though, all I could find was the mini collection so finally after months I caved and just bought it.  Then, sure enough a WEEK later I found some full sized ones. Story of my life!  At any rate I now have a solid mix of them and even though I have lots of jellies and the new Essie sheers collection, these are a great addition to my collection.  They're quite a bit more opaque than my other jellies but they're still sheer enough to layer up.  Also, they stain. HELLA bad. So be sure to use them OVER other polishes!  Here's a quick look I did with them the first day I had them. They're layered over the silver polish in the collection which creates a SUPER cool metallic look in the sun!  Really in love with these all the way round!

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  1. That so nice! I was just at a nail supply store Friday (three days ago) and found these. Bought myself a full set, and also got more for fellow polish-aholics that requested them. Now to figure out what I want to do with them - thanks for the inspiration!


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