Bring home the bacon...

5:00 AM

Everyone loves bacon, right? Well, OK, as a vegetarian, me not so much!! But bacon has become something of a nationwide obsession.  I've seen everything from bacon mayonnaise to bacon lip balm to bacon lubricant for...uh...intimate occasions. :P  I don't know when it became the new big thing BUT I felt it was about time for some bacon nails and what better time than food week?  These nails were actually dead easy to do as well and they came out pretty great! Loads of people recognized and appreciated them. :)  Are you a fan of bacon? What's the weirdest bacon themed thing you've seen?  Be sure to check out the other girls art below!!

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  1. Bacon can be pretty good, but bacon lip balm? That's a bit too much! Really funny manicure, though. :>

  2. BACON!!! I am not a fan of all the bacon flavored things but give me the real thing anyday! Your's looks yummy!

  3. I don't get all the weird bacon things myself. But way to bring home the bacon!


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