OPI Petal Soft

9:55 AM

This is just a quick post today! Sorry to say it's not very patriotic either but I still hope all my US followers are having a great, festive 4th of July!  A few weeks ago I picked up the first new polishes I've bought in a long while, and this one was among them.  I normally don't go for the whole shaped glitter thing but I love the pink glitter and little flowers in this one!  It's very girly and soft.  I layered it over Zoya Leah, which seemed very lavender to me until the pink went on and now it seems more taupe.  Still I quite liked the mix of the neutral with the pastel glitter.  I hope to have some new posts for you guys very soon! This coming week my baby Robo dwarf hamster, Tillie, is having a surgery so I'm going to be pretty occupied...

...but I'm trying to get some things prepared for you! Enjoy the holiday! What's your favorite shape glitter polish?

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  1. I love how light and airy this polish looks! Those flowers are way too cute!


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