Mix and Match...

5:00 AM

We've reached the end!! For today I scrapped the whole design I started with and just did some fun alternating patterns.  As you can see, it's STILL freaking storming like the end of the world outside.  In fact I've lost power several times just trying to get these up. :( I love storms but this is getting ridiculous!  At any rate I hope you enjoyed this week's designs. Check out the other girls art below! Thanks for joining us for another fun week of art!

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  1. Great skittles to end the week! I really love the wavy stripes on your pinkie. Sorry to hear it's storming there...stay safe!

  2. cute! i love the different designs you put together :D

  3. Very pretty! I think the pink polka dots are my favorite!

  4. I love storms too, but it's no fun when the power goes out. Must have been some nasty storms.

  5. I adore mix n match nail designs like this!


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