Neon Haze...

5:00 AM

So here we go with day three!! As you can see I've only just added onto yesterday's waterfall by basically doing a reverse waterfall on the bottom.  I started with the idea of really lining these up neatly and making sort of a striped pattern with breaks of white in between but then I wanted to fill the space more so I started dragging them together more.  I also dabbled in the idea of glitter on the top but then I just really liked the effect and decided to stop here!  I might play with this idea more in the future because I think it could be really cool with mixed textures or finishes! Check out the other girls art below and stay tuned for massive fail day tomorrow! ;P

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  1. I so wouldn't have clued in that you added to yesterday's mani if you hadn't said it. This looks brand new! You're sneaky!

  2. Very cool! So clever to the "waterfall technique" from both sides!!

  3. Bright and funky for summer; love it!

  4. Fun! I don't think my nails would be long enough to do this! Hahahaha! Love it!


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