A Tale of Two Fails...

5:00 AM

OK ya'll I apologize in advance for today's look.  Originally I intended to do a tape mani over the look from yesterday and just let the colors peek through.  Only thing is I couldn't get any of my striping tape to stick to my nails!  So I scrapped that and decided to stamp instead.  This cracked stamp looked super cool on the plate but it was much more open than I thought it would be and for some reason the stamp came out very translucent.  In a nutshell, I just didn't like it.  One thing that's great about top coating in between stamping is...

 You can wipe it off and start over!!  Over the 4th of July weekend I started playing with free-handed open leopard print and I thought perhaps a little leopard could save this fun base pattern.  I actually really liked it and, of course I LOVE fitting leopard into these challenges!! Only thing is when I went to photograph it was storming heavily (again) and all the pictures look so blurry! :(  As I'm on a strict time limit to get these mani's in at the moment I didn't have time to wait for it to let up to take better pics but it's a reminder that I need to really work on getting my light box set up and operable.  So today you get two fails. :/  Oh well, live and learn.  You can still see some awesome art today by following the links below!!

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  1. Two for the price of one! Your leopard patterns is awesome! I feel like I'm being left out of a leopard club this week...you guys have rocked the print this week! Okay, that was just too many exclamation marks, haha

  2. Leopard prints are so popular this week! Love it! I just wish I could actually free-hand the print. :)

  3. I can't get that stamp to work either, and I'm glad, cos the leopard ROCKS!


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