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Its the fourth day of our Digital Dozen Thankfulness (in it's WILDEST form) challenge and today I wanted to honor my children!! The furry ones that is!  Even though I've already covered family and these guys are most certainly family to me, I felt I wanted to do a special tribute to them.  The index is dedicated to my littlest love, Caoimhe.

Caoimhe is a Russian Blue that we rescued late last year after we lost another of our babies. She began as a temporary kitty but as you can see, she grew very attached to me quite quickly! She's the most snuggly kitty we have and despite her sweetness she has a curious side that led to her nickname; Miss Keevious. Caoimhe's favorite toy is a little sparkly red ball with a felt halo like a sunshine.

The middle nail is dedicated to Aoife, my seal pointe Himalayan. The fluffiest and silliest of all my babies! We got Aoife when she was six months old and she was in rough shape. But we cleaned her up and loved her up and now she's a spoiled princess! I added some gold flakes to the Aoife nail because she's well earned her nickname as The Duchess of Chunk!!

Last but most certainly not least we have Eoghan. He was our first little rescue kitty and he was as wild and crazy as they come!! He was always into EVERYTHING and he and Aoife used to get into loads of adventures together.  He was a sweetheart too though and definitely a mama's boy. We lost him to a stomach disorder last December and it was hard on all of us.  I chose to put the nails in the order I did because Aoife was sort of the glue that held me together between Eoghan's loss and the arrival of Caoimhe. His favorite toy was a little blue and pink mouse. I bought it for him the week after we got him and he used to hide it all over the house. Sometimes, if he forgot his hiding spot he'd cry for hours until I fished it out for him.  We retired the mouse when he died.

Don't forget to check below to see what the other girls are thankful for today!

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  1. what beautiful kitties!!! And a beautiful mani, to match :)

  2. A wonderful tribute mani to your fur children!

  3. Well you just can't ever go wrong with being thankful for your furbabies! LOVE IT!

  4. Aw how special! You have some beautiful babies!

  5. i love that middle nail, it's just glorious x


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