A Swirling Storm

5:00 AM

So recently, as you know I decided to jump on the stiletto boat.  I've always liked the shape but it seems more suited for acrylics to me.  I just sort of feel like the tip would snap right off a natural nail, especially if you spend all day typing like I do.  Unfortunately, while I dig squares on my own nails, when they start to get longer it just doesn't work for me.  Squares can be great for weaker nails because it's sturdier but for someone like me who has strong nails already it's a nightmare because the corners snap off. I've been rounding them as they grow to help keep them stronger and it's worked out rather nicely but I get to the point when they get so long that I just itch to cut them short again!  So when I got to that point this time I just went to this shape. My theory was if they snapped off I was going to cut them anyway.  That said....so far it's been great. One thing that does suck is the tips (which are pretty dull above) get worn down so you have to periodically resharpen them or else you end up with just very almond nails.  The other thing I've found is that if you DO want to go shorter with them trying to take just a little bit off is kind of a nightmare. So I may go back to square if I want to shorten them and then slowly go back to stiletto again. But time will tell!

In the mean time I'm having fun trying out wilder designs on my new shape!

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